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Dear Visitor!

Welcome to the world of

Hungarian folk tales and storytelling!

You are invited to join our

Hetedhet Hatvan Folktale Festival

Date: 4th-7th June 2020

Mission of the Festival is to propagate the folk tales and oral folklore of the nations of Carpatian basin, popularize the traditional storytelling, thereby feed our common cultural roots. Our contributors are folktale tellers, folk artists, craftsmen, research workers, specialists of ethnography and plenty of volunteers.

We are committed to bring folk tales up close to different social and cultural groups such as families, disabled children, handicapped people, teachers, etc.


Organizer: Galgamenti Művészek Egyesülete (Association of Artists of Galgamente area)

Partners: House of Cultural Heritage Budapest, Meseszó Association for Hungarian Folk Storytellers

Supporters: National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Ministry of Human Resources  Town of Hatvan

4-5th June 2020
Class trip for schools and nurseries
Folk tales by storytellers
Puppet shows
Music-dance performance
Outdoor folk games
Handcraft lessons
Evening program
6th June 2020
Family Day
7th June 2020
Professional Day

Details coming soon....

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